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The Harvard Museum of Natural History presents presents special programs for children and their families. These in depth experiences give you a chance to look at the museum in a new light with your children. Occasional gallery explorations are offered for families to enjoy on their own


Exploring Science Together

Ever been jealous of all the fun hands-on activities your children get to do when learning about nature? Well, now is your chance to join in! Our new Exploring Science Together programs are designed to be a weekend opportunity for adults and children to learn together in a fun and interactive environment. Classes are taught by museum educators with experience teaching learners of all ages.


Gallery Explorations

These educational and entertaining activities are designed for children and their families. 

Look, Listen & Touch


Look Listen Touch is a guide for young children to explore the Museum's New England Forests, in the Zofnass Family Gallery. Pick-up the exploration flyer at the front desk or in the gallery. Learn how to help your child experience nature in a multi-sensory way. Sit on the bench beneath the wolf; shut your eyes and listen. Do you hear the sounds of a bird singing, a woodpecker tapping, a frog croaking? How many different colors can you see in the feathers of one bird? Do animal and insect babies look like their parents?

Regular museum admission rates apply. 
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