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Challenges and Choices is a lecture series in support of the museum's exhibition, New England Forests. Harvard professors and noted scientists explore the history of New England's rich forest landscape and address a number of issues affecting its future, including pathogens, habitat destruction, and climate change.

Forest Invaders: How Invasive Species Are Reshaping the Wooded Landscape 
Lecture by David Orwig and Davis Foster
Ecologists David Orwig and David Foster from the Harvard Forest discuss the destructive efforts of invasive species such as the hemlock woolly adelgid and Asian longhorned beetle

Challenges and Choices: The History and Future of
New England Forests
Lecture by David Foster
Director of Harvard Forest David Foster discusses more than a century of research at the Harvard Forest and the challenges and choices we face in planning our forests’ future.

The Emergent Forest of New England
Lecture by Peter Del Tredici
Peter Del Tredici, botanist and senior research scientist at the Arnold Arboretum, presents an overview of the recent history of the forests of southern New England as impacted by natural disasters, shifting land-use patterns (urbanization and suburban sprawl), introduced pests and pathogens, invasive species, acid rain, and climate change.

How Much Can Trees and Forests Slow the Global Warming Increase?
Lecture by Steven Wofsy and Andrew Richardson
Much research and debate in the scientific community is devoted to question the impact forests have on the capture or sequestration of carbon dioxide, the primary gas that causes the climate-warming “greenhouse effect.” Hear two of Harvard’s most active climate researchers tackle the different perspectives on global warming, atmospheric chemist Steven Wofsy and forest ecologist Andrew Richardson.