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Cockroaches Press Release

Cockroaches Mini-Exhibit opens September 29 at Harvard Museum of Natural History

These adaptable arthropods are some of the oldest land-living animals on Earth.  They thrived in lush coal forests 300 million years ago, survived multiple mass extinctions, and today encompass 4,500 species, including some of the most beautiful and colorful insects on the planet.  Nurturing parents, these insects often carry and protect their young, and some species even feed them with a kind of “milk” made from their own bodies!   Who are they?  The answer may surprise you. They’re cockroaches!

You've already heard the negative propaganda. Now come learn the real and amazing truth about these much maligned and misunderstood insects in a new mini-exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History .

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is located at 26 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA, a 7-8 minute walk from the Harvard Square. The Museum is handicapped accessible. For general information please call 617.495.3045 or visit .


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Harvard Museum of Natural History is located at 26 Oxford Street, Cambridge. For general information, please see the website at, or call 617.495.3045.

Images on request: Cockroach art work by Marc Socié.