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Climate Change: Our Global Experiment

Materials for Educators

An Educator’s Guide for Middle and High School
Designed as a companion to Climate Change: Our Global Experiment, this 40-page educator’s guide provides teachers with an in-depth review of climate change through time, presents the causes and potential consequences of modern climate change, and outlines the choices that face our global community. Each guide also includes a suite of five activities specifically developed to engage students in scientific investigations of climate change, help them evaluate their own impact on climate, and encourage group discussion centered on this critical global issue.
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Exhibit DVD
This DVD includes three video programs featured in the Climate Change exhibition that are also appropriate for classroom use.

This interactive program is certain to generate classroom discussion and debate about global warming. Presented by Harvard professor and climate change scientist, Daniel Schrag, this video program challenges its viewers to evaluate human-induced causes of climate change, make choices about how to respond nationally and globally, and then see the likely consequences of their decisions.

This short presentation offers computer animations that illustrate the Milankovich Cycles—repetitive changes in the Earth’s orbit over thousands of years that effect global climate.

This video presentation shows examples of glacial melting from various locations around the globe as evidence for human-induced global warming.

These educational materials were developed by the Harvard Museum of Natural History in collaboration with the Harvard University Center for the Environment and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

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Educator’s Guide (spiral bound in color) - $25.00
Exhibit DVD - $20.00
Educator’s Guide and Exhibit DVD Package -  $40.00

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