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Our special exhibits present unique and diverse perspectives on the changing world: its past, present, and possible futures.


The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon

Final Flight: The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon marks the 100th anniversary of the death of the last passenger pigeon, a species that once filled North America’s skies by the billions. In this small exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, see one of the world’s last mounted specimens of this now vanquished bird and learn how its extinction inspired the protection of other species.


Thoreau's Maine Woods

A Journey in Photographs with Scot Miller

On view through February 2015

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Henry David Thoreau’s The Maine Woods, this exhibition features the stunning photographs of Scot Miller, who has traversed the state of Maine for years, retracing the footsteps of Thoreau, New England’s native son. Thoreau’s Maine Woods: A Journey in Photographs with Scot Miller highlights the many places that Thoreau explored and wrote about using finely-crafted photographs, as well as historical information, and specimens from Harvard’s collections, including one-of-a-kind plant samples collected in northern Maine by Thoreau himself. The exhibition complements the permanent exhibition, New England Forests in the Zofnass Family Gallery, and the new Peabody Museum special exhibition, The Legacy of Penobscot Canoes: A View from the River, which explores the enduring importance of rivers and canoes in Penobscot tribal life and on relationships between the tribe and non-Indians.


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Shelled Masters of the Marine Realm

Mollusks explores the amazing diversity and history of mollusks—snails, clams, squid and other invertebrates that comprise almost a quarter of all known marine species. Featuring the research of Professor Gonzalo Giribet, colleagues and students at Harvard University, and the Dept. of Malacology at Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology, this new exhibition engages the general public in mollusk evolution, ecology, and the many ways in which their lives intersect with ours. 

Learn more. Watch online videos about mollusk research conducted by Professor Gonzalo Giribet's lab.


Our Global Experiment

Ongoing exhibit 

Developed in collaboration with the Harvard University Center for the Environment Climate Change: Our Global Experiment will help you separate truth from spin and provide a basis for making informed decisions affecting the future of our planet. The exhibit offers an insider’s look at the scientific study of climate, presenting the latest research from renowned experts at Harvard and around the world. Get the facts, draw your own conclusions, then take part in a unique computer simulation that allows you to choose a course of action and see the consequences for the planet.