Employment of Local People
The Harvard Museum of Natural History Travel Program makes a concerted effort to work with tour operators at HMNH destinations that employ local people as guides, drivers, and for other travel services. Thus, traveling with HMNH incorporates the local community in ecotravel as well as stimulates the local economy. 

Synergy of Local Knowledge and Harvard Expertise
The joint participation of Harvard experts and local guides on the HMNH trips provides a knowledge exchange critical to ecotravel. While local guides have site specific knowledge difficult to acquire without living locally, Harvard experts have access to scientific knowledge that is often equally difficult to access outside an academic setting. The combination of our leaders’ knowledge and local knowledge creates a synergy ideal for educating the traveler and expanding the base of knowledge about the visited area for everyone.

Community Initiatives
In combination with our current initiative to include conservation action on HMNH trips, we are working to incorporate meaningful community involvement into HMNH travel wherever we can.




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