The Harvard Museum of Natural History Travel Program has an educational mission that reaches out to three populations: our travelers, visitors to the museum, and local populations at HMNH travel destinations.

The HMNH Traveler
Ecotravel is only possible with the participation of the traveler, and without awareness of a region’s ecology and natural history, it is unrealistic to expect to impact its conservation. To this end, our trips have high educational standards. Each of our trips has a Harvard expert specifically focused on educating the traveler about the natural history of the destination, providing the necessary starting point for an understanding of a region’s environmental challenges. Travel with us and consider….the complexity of balancing cattle grazing with wildlife management in Kenya’s Meru Park; the effects of El Nino and climate change on the Galapagos; the conflict between tigers, townspeople, and nature reserve size in India. Think with us about all the angles to these difficult issues.

Our trips are fun, adventurous, and exciting; and building awareness about what we’re seeing and where we’re walking is yet another layer of what the HMNH Travel Program offers.

The HMNH Visitor
By traveling with the HMNH travel program, you support educational programs for HMNH visitors on our earth’s natural history, including:

  • Outstanding lectures by the world’s top scientists, attracting thousands of people per year.
  • Unique and exciting exhibitions, such as The Origins of Life and The Glass Flowers.
  • Education programs serving tens of thousands of children and adults each year.
  • Community outreach, including the recent development of 15 new core school programs in life, earth, and anthropological science in cooperation with Cambridge area schools.

This broader contribution to education is a critical outgrowth of striving to be a leader in ecotravel. Our work sharing cutting-edge knowledge about the natural world reaches out to large populations, from children who will influence the future to adults who can make a difference now. These programs provide a strong foundation for taking responsible action wherever they may live or travel. 

The Local Populations at HMNH Destinations
We want travelers to feel a connection to the places we visit. Travelers, if they like, can bring pencils, other school supplies, and conservation books for kids to contribute to schools at HMNH destinations. In this way, travelers ensure that they share the privilege of general education, as well as specific knowledge about natural history and conservation. Through the support of Dover Publications, we also put together packets of natural history educational material for children at selected destinations.


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