There is much debate as to what ecotravel is. Furthermore, there are numerous terms, such as geotourism, responsible tourism and sustainable tourism, which may be confusing, leaving travelers wondering what it is that they are actually seeking – and getting – in a trip. For this reason, the Harvard Museum of Natural History Travel Program is defining our own principles of ecotravel.

It is important to note that while a long “laundry list” of ecotravel principles may seem comfortingly thorough, no such list can successfully address region-specific issues. For this reason, we embrace a broad and simple view of ecotravel, with the understanding that individual consideration is given to the unique characteristics of each trip destination.

The Harvard Museum of Natural History Travel Program is constantly working toward incorporating the following principles into each one of our trips:

  • Education is the foundation of ecotravel.

  • Ecotravel contributes to the ecological conservation of the visited region.

  • Ecotravel involves and contributes to the community local to the visited region.

  • Ecotravel must be financially sustainable, so as to continue support for education, conservation, and community initiatives.



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