Dear Traveler,

We are excited to alert you to a forthcoming change in the HMNH Travel Program. For almost forty years the HMNH Travel Program has been delivering educational, small group trips to all continents, representing the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the research of the academic departments associated with it.

Within the past year, the HMNH joined with three other museums at Harvard University to form a new, larger entity called Harvard Museums of Science & Culture. The museums included in "HMSC" are the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the Harvard Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, the Harvard Semitic Museum, and the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments.

Combined, these four museums offer visitors the possibility of more than 27 million specimens for exhibit — a collection second only in size to the nation's Smithsonian Institute. This collection of museums provides a window onto Harvard University's vital research on evolution, human civilizations, and the history of the earth and science.

Moving forward, a travel program representing the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture will deliver trips showcasing the research of academic departments associated with all four museums: topics such as anthropology, archaeology, history of science, near eastern civilizations, religion, human evolutionary biology, marine biology, comparative zoology and more.

What does this mean in practical terms? When developing a trip to China, we have historically focused on HMNH's natural history expertise, such as searching for giant pandas in the wild with a comparative zoology research associate. Now, as part of the broader HMSC, we could look at the emergence of complex societies in China with an archaeology professor. Or, we could investigate the politics of reproduction and gender issues in a modernizing China with an anthropology professor. We could also learn about China's history of science and technology with a curator from the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments. The options for new, unique, and exciting trips seem endless!

In the coming months you will see more and more trips that represent the focus of each of the four museums. We will also be changing our name from HMNH to HMSC, and launching a new website to reflect these exciting changes. Behind the name change we will be the same travel program that has delivered quality trips since 1974 — only our scope and possibilities will be wider and more exciting than ever!

With Kind regards,

Lauren Bruck
Director of Travel Program

For more information about the HMSC, please see this Harvard Magazine article regarding the exciting changes at the Museum.


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