The HMNH is devoted to furthering the understanding of important cultural and ecological issues in the world at large.

One of the principal purposes of these trips is to give interested observers a first-hand experience of the cultures and natural history of the world’s remote and beautiful areas.

We carefully choose to work with a wide variety of travel companies who are experts in the regions we visit. They care deeply about the countries, communities and the environments that they represent. The vast majority of these companies contribute to local schools, scientific research, community centers and social services either directly or through foundations that they have created.

In addition, by traveling with the HMNH you support the extensive science education programs at the Museum, allowing us to offer a wide variety of educational programs to the public. These programs are the result of an extensive and ongoing collaboration between Museum science educators, area teachers, curriculum specialists, Harvard scientists, community organizations, and area school systems. Through programs specifically designed for children or adults, we offer the public the opportunity to gain access to the largest and most significant natural history collections in New England, and the cutting-edge research of Harvard University.

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