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Photo Credits: Nomadic Expeditions

Mongolia's Natural History: Land of Blue Skies & Limitless Horizons

May 23 - June 8, 2015 (17 Days)

Double occupancy:
10 - 16 participants: $7,350 per person
7 - 9 participants: $7,890 per person

Single supplement: $1,200

Study Leader: Chris Leahy


Mongolia has always epitomized the remote, the exotic, and the mysterious. A vast wilderness that relatively few westerners have explored even today, Mongolia contains limitless vistas of mountains, steppes, and deserts; all of which provide habitat for cranes and Lammergeiers, jerboas and ibex, and countless other strange and wonderful animals and plants that inhabit this arid heart of Central Asia. As befits a culture famous for its nomadic way of life, we will travel many miles across a rugged landscape, camping as we go. Many nights will be spent in the simple but comfortable tents called "gers" in Mongolia and yurts in the west. Our trip will include a visit to visit one of the world's best kept natural secrets - pristine Lake Hovsgol, Baikal's clean and clear little sister, surrounded by primeval larch forest beneath snowy alpine slopes. We will spend several comfortable nights at the award-winning Three Camel Lodge, overlooking the immense rolling steppe and the Three Beauties ranges of the Gobian Altai Mountains.


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