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Photos credits:
(Initial) Bears, Preston Spruance
1) Zodiac, Zegrahm Expeditions
2) Walrus, Shirley Metz
3) Svalbard Point, Peter Zikalee
4) Zegrahm Expeditions
5) Waterfall, Zegrahm Expeditions

Across the Arctic Circle: Iceland & Svalbard
aboard the 114-guest Island Sky

June 24 - July, 13 2014 (20 Days)

Double occupancy: From $13,970 per person
Single occupancy: From $19,970
HMNH Study Leader: Prof. James and Mrs. Sue McCarthy

From Tromsø, the "Gateway to the Arctic," this Svalbard polar bear expedition heads for the North Cape, where we'll stand on the northernmost tip of the European continent. The Island Sky whisks us to the former whaling station of Bear Island, now home to thousands of breeding seabirds, and into the Svalbard Archipelago, where we'll come face to face with immense glaciers and black basaltic islands as well as our ultimate goal—polar bears. Zodiac excursions bring us even closer to these magnificent creatures.

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